- About Me -


So happy you're hereā€¦

I'm a California girl living in Seattle and using every free weekend to explore this beautiful state. I'm an extroverted introvert (INFJ personality type) with a major love for life and adventure, which I attribute to my dad who made sure every childhood summer was spent on the road. I have a sweet cat named Mylo who has traveled with me all over the US before finally putting our roots down in Seattle. In a few words, I'm a cat lady, thrift-store frequenter, farmers-market goer and lover of laughing, deep talks, day-dreaming and enthusiastic people. I like to shoot for mood and whimsy. I love flowers, driving around looking at old houses, and the feeling of sun on my face. I'm an explorer through and through, and I like to think that photography has always been calling out to me. As a kid, I spent my days wandering along the hills beyond my house, observing and exploring, scraping my knees on the rocks and trees that always found their way home with me in bits and pieces. The love between two people invokes those same feelings I had as a kid when I'd stumble upon a new and beautiful place I'd never seen - it's otherworldly, inspiring, and a little glimpse of magic in a too-real world. Those are the moments I want to document and the art that I want to create.