Coffee at home || Chicago, Illinois

Coffee: I always assumed I hated it. I went to college in Seattle, one of the major coffee meccas of the U.S, assuming that my distaste for the drink would remain unchallenged. My coffee-addicted roommate insisted that she could win over my affections with one cup. I agreed to the challenge, confident that my  assumptions would remain firmly intact. She was smart, and she filled my coffee about 3/4 of the way with flavored creamer. Obviously, I thought it was the best thing ever. Fast-forward a few years- I still put way more creamer in my coffee than the average drinker, but I'm finally starting to appreciate the taste of the coffee and not just the creamer. I've been fortunate to witness the dedication and the passion that goes into the entire coffee making process, & as a result I've developed an appreciation for coffee as another form of art/creation.

I love watching someone in the act of creating- painting, photography, coffee. It inspires me. Adam took some time to show me a very cool brew method using a siphon. Check out this description of the brewing process if you're as confused as I was after seeing it for the first time -

By the way // The whole time this shoot was happening, Mylo was taking his time destroying every flower, plant & succulent I own.