Ryan + Jillian || Volunteer Park, Seattle WA

I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Ryan + Jillian in Volunteer Park last weekend, and I'm especially excited to share this one for a couple of reasons. This was my first official Seattle photoshoot since moving from Chicago, so it this day held a lot of meaning to me, both personally and professionally. I couldn't have chosen a better couple. Jillian is a friend and a fellow photographer, (you can see her work at Facebook.com/JillianGarciaPhotography) and though we met a few years ago, her and her husband Ryan haven't been in front of a camera in over 6 years! It was a joy to reconnect with her, and a privilege to photograph the two of them after all of that time. Not to mention, happy people make me happy. When I get into my car after finishing a shoot, I love when my cheeks are sore because I've been smiling and laughing as loud and as often as the ones in front of my camera. That is such a beautiful thing.