Gettysburg || PA

I recently spent the past month with my sister & her hubby in their Pennsylvania home. While most of my time was spent in the company of their two kittens, we managed to make the time to take a couple mini road trips while I was there :) We drove West for a ways to Centralia, a small Pennsylvania town with a very interesting history. In 1962, a coal mine beneath the small town caught fire & led to a swift and abrupt abandonment of it's over 1,000 residents. As of 2013, there are only 7 residents remaining. There are several warning signs posted throughout the abandoned town warning of unstable ground, underground fire, and carbon monoxide. "Centralia has been used as a model for many different ghost towns and physical manifestations of Hell" in the media, but is best know for inspiring the look and feel for the film-adaptation of the video game, Silent Hill. Spooky!

Our next stop was Gettysburg, PA. I remember visiting Gettysburg with my family as a little girl, but unfortunately the most vivid memory I have of the Civil War battlefield involved two angry wasps up my shirt, and not so much the rich history that it is famous for.