- Boudoir FAQ & Questionnaire -

Boudoir is about having fun, embracing your beautiful bones and making art! I believe in preserving the happiest time in your life and creating something sexy and whimsical just for you. And your honey, too. But mostly for you. 

- FAQ -

Do I get to choose how much I show during our session?

  • Of course! The session is all about you, and about making you feel sexy and at your best. I'll follow your lead and outline the game plan before we start so that you feel completely comfortable the whole time. 

Will you post photos of me online?

  • I will never, ever, ever post anything from our session online without your permission. If you get the photos back and love them, I may ask if I can share a few in my portfolio, but will never post anything without your permission. Your gallery of photos will be password protected, and no one will ever see them unless you give me explicit permission otherwise.

What should I wear?

  • Bring a few sets of lingerie, maybe a cute button-up and undies, a pretty onesie, some knee high socks, or whatever is going to make you feel sexy and confident and comfortable. And, as always, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration! 

How long are the sessions?

  • We'll be shooting for one hour, but I recommend blocking off at least an hour and half for the session so we have enough time to chat, drink some champagne and get you comfortable beforehand!

Can I bring a friend?

  • Sure! If having a friend there to cheer you on will make you more comfortable, I am totally ok with that! Just keep it to one bff max!

Where will we do the session?

  • I leave that up to you. If you have trouble coming up with a location, I'm happy to step in and either help you find a suitable air b&b, hotel room, or alternate location. I've done sessions at my house (I have a cute room, k?) as well as in clients' homes or their friends' homes. We just need a space with a lot of light and some furniture for you to pose on. 

Do I have to be a bride or in a relationship to book a session?

  • NO WAY! Boudoir sessions aren't only for brides; they're for YOU. Plus they're really FUN. Who wouldn't want to play dress up and get sexy and flirt with the camera? I don't care if you're single, divorced, married, engaged, coupled up, or just feeling fabulous and want to flaunt what you've got. I love it. Let's get it, girl.

I'm nervous and not photogenic...

  • Everyone thinks they're not photogenic, but trust me, that's not true. I'll show you. And it's ok to be nervous! We'll listen to music and I'll have wine or champagne for you and we'll spend some time chatting away the nerves before I even bring out my camera. My goal is for this to be a fun and easy and uplifting experience for you. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and sexy and confident in their skin, and it's truly a joy for me to be a facilitator of that, mmk? You'll be blown away when you realize how photogenic you actually are.

Please complete the following questionnaire to the best of your ability!

- Questionnaire -