- Contract FAQ -

Model Release

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Social Media

I would LOVE for you to share your photos far and wide - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, whatever!! Go for it. A huge portion of my clients come from seeing your photos. So share away. There are just a few things that I ask you do before setting yourself up for those likes to come rolling in:

1) Give Credit! If you post online, tag my photography page in the photo or in the caption.

2) Leave the photos as is. That means no Instagram filters, no cropping, no converting to black and white. The reason you've hired me is because you've seen my editing style, there's something about my vision that you connect with. I put in a lot of behind the scenes time into editing my photos to the point that they complete my vision. When you throw someone else's manufactured filter on top of my hard work, it is no longer a reflection of my brand. 

3) Before you share, download the gallery photos onto a computer (not a phone, if at all possible!) and then re-upload onto social media. Don't take screenshots and share those! The photo will turn into a grainy, low resolution, sad version of the original that I worked hard on, and your pretty faces will be compromised. Facebook specifically has this nifty option to upload your photos in HI-RES , it's a little box you can check that you may have never noticed before. Check it. Trust me, it makes a difference. Another thing that Facebook does that isn't so fun is the option to crop photos when you change your profile picture. It takes you through two steps, the first option to crop, crops the photo overall. Just say no. The second step will only crop the thumbnail, this is totally fine to do! You can zoom in, re-center, anything you'd like, but the original crop will remain intact when anyone clicks your profile to see the full photo. Win-win!

Print Release

When I deliver your gallery to you, I'm giving you permission to print, download, share online and save your photos for your own private and personal use. I retain full copyright of the photos, which basically means that they are still my intellectual property to submit to magazines, contests, and share on my website and social media to promote my business.

If you're uncomfortable with your photos being shared on public platforms, please let me know and I'll send out a non-disclosure contract.