Lexy || Hot Springs Portrait Session, North Bend WA

Ladies - I want to do more portrait sessions with you. Let's strip away all the bullshit, all the baggage and the perceptions and the assumptions and the negative self talk and the drama that fills our every days. Let's strip it all back and get down to the basics. Beautiful. empowered. powerful. women. Just you and me. I want to know who you are when you're not trying to be anything else, for anyone else. I want you to reclaim your power. I want you to feel lifted high and strong. I want you to look at all those little pieces of yourself that feel like flaws, and to see how they are just as integral to your makeup as your arms or your legs or your fingers or your toes. Let me capture the way you look at 28 years old, at 27, 47, 17; every scar, every freckle, every wrinkle, every dimple and curve. Let's preserve this season of your life, embrace who you've become and who you are becoming. Where has your life taken you so far? Where is it going? Come be vulnerable with me, come love on yourself. I want more of you to do this with me. We'll go where you feel most alive, most yourself. Strip it all back, piece it all back together. Just us girls. You in? 


Thank you, lexy, for letting me be a part of your reclamation.